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Thursday, February 09, 2012

memphis is in my neck

i'll dance when i know

i have slithers, an uncle

and no money

more of u, u never have a dog, your health

remedies are darting, memphis is in my neck

i flirt with the sacrifice, i drink a yerba matte latte

this is a yacht if your condo likes it

u paid with tumors, cream on your carpet

i want falsies, lunch looks like a weird


i am a stupid condo without eyes

i live in a button, wake up

the ultimate wand ties

i have 6 tumors and i sleep

some tumors removed

everything automatic

i suggested she stay

she's beautiful, she's

a mother-in-law

her skirts are a fan

the porridge of your

blond hair

she said liver, who cares, to the distance

life is a beautiful struggle, declawed a

six month old child

she wants to dance the fake eyelashes

someone is a holistic veterinary recovery

she'll find an eye, some people make

bad things happen

my brain tumors are noisy and children

are enough with coats to live in

it's tumors, paralysis, sarcoma is too clean

she keeps her smile with cambodian

butcher seizure disorders, go


i don't care, let me rest, have a moment

she's pillow heads and babies in a dreadful

suburb, find a nerd and the weather here

just hope for fibroids and deep wales

i am a baby? babies are still dreadful

i like an eye, a real life, i'm her

little music, shut up the heart

i am missing my dog and i feel

like a leaf, 100 bedrooms in the

shade again, u just have a city

i love

her beloved is something, just savannah

best and the rooms slither, i will catch u

i have no claws? she's an angry old lady

she could have a wife and her form of


your skirts look like a 4 bedroom house

choose a babies life and catch u in it

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