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Saturday, March 17, 2012

i will not be silenced

talk to the wall if that's what it takes

it makes u sell watches and there

goes my baby

i made u; all your life u were being sold

your days grow nearer, your room number

that cold, the wolf: lousy friends, everybody


then everybody wants to convert u on the

make me change fence, i will be intrigued

so your'e older and your tongue is entwined

see a movie, i love you; this tv show

glee or christ wire, up your nightmare;

i left and your mother made me


bang incubation, john malkovich gives this frozen

days some rooms and repeats, i'm kissing u

painted watercolor paper; u are still

open taboo, a wolf stops in

a winter scape, 19th hole,

the goose

u wouldn't make a goose, your twinkies

dead or alive, somebody chases a cat

and your customer, you're my wife

a memoir, i will not be silenced

your peephole lives in song

quotes, my worst lyrics have

to utter

i am a hippopotamus, u were 8,

your room was xyz, a frozen

brother actually knows for


i'm tired of someone, e-books

from jesus, i tell u the empire

world could see u

they never have stairways of love

your pet birds, my private sounds

vaguely risque

scream i really don't want the usa

the simpsons, the obvious carly

freddie, your bad denim vest pets

boggle boggle

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