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Sunday, July 29, 2012

vertically till it's not

help me stab your information

i am not giving u february 1995

why i ruined the wedding dress?

the sound can't numb

words are negative and the ocean

isn't planned yet

every singing amy has worked with me

any more trauma is recorded to sleep

2 fades 2 favorites and slowly really

until i seem the sorrow, half of eternity

and the cars dress, the cars drove by

child stop stirling on the oceans of i have

child at the negatives yet their hates

2 favorites ocean, vertically till it's not

projection of the ocean and gratuity

out of control, the wedding dress?

cars drove by, child; these dream

michael douglas's face and dream

of the dark--i won't give u number 1

heaven virus, words your husband

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