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Friday, October 19, 2012

go silence a sandwich

ceo liars are laughing
why relax when you're
away from me

i'll still be the person
you'll park and say
i wanna do what
i wanna do

it will take 8 blondes
u will frown still and
lie and be snow

war; for him it was bacon
and seeing tennis courts

i am red; i am a mistake
laughing in february
go rap like an american
i don't like the snow

freedom apparently disappears
a frightened nation, liars say
what they will

they lie and they need me
television pretends it's

thursdays burst and theories 
turn to clay in february

stars silence a sandwich
go silence a sandwich

i have a way out, werewolf hippies
our theories say rap and they need 
u and your blueberry sour straps

american guru; i am buying some 
kind of cuban religion; he talks
to the world in his werewolf lover

men are public and they like the red state
the sudden defense of muscles; man tries
to strangle men that are avian humans

they love no religion and to u, stars

women are dead and they walk and flip
it's all a lot of hullabaloo, people say
the real world moves

it sees the black in kennedy and mother
listens to the age of mistakes, there is
no taste like home

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