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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i want to get out of it with flowers

alligators who own sneaker flowers
and uncle is a woman, a bunch of

whether u grow a political party
go sit in the dept. of don't
u got a bad head

bring your dog hello poetry
a carpet, acne, this is unknown
75 have decided it is ok to torch

pounds of it; flowers believe 
the morning has hired a saying
wikipedia; your traitors are cute

and free, barren earth silhouette
u are 3 and can't debate so don't 

hearts are available for $350
and the recession likes sneakers
americans are having 13 discussions

100,000 bathrooms, hello, triple thingy
i believe your triple thingy is growing
i am for $350 recessions

i want to get out of it with flowers
i am at the dept. of i don't like flowers
u are at the dept. of don't debate

your traitors are americans and 3 
of them are alligators, men with
candy pulse hearts, barren earth

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