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Monday, October 22, 2012

this is not america

beat by Digital Aardvarks
beat, a photo by Digital Aardvarks on Flickr.

i'm writing i am boring to your ticker
i find drywall and u take dirt
u follow her in the wearing
room of vibrating purpose

relax and burn, if you're single
u can be bit; i'm in the cellulite
business but i am only training

i am an upright non house
people have wordy pondering
they vacuum your feet

you're it like a star, daffynitions
bathroom girl smells the rainbow
a balcony does not resist the

i have a new toaster to control
u are easy to please, your 2012
jaw says u are in the livingroom

the livingroom is europe, it's darn
new enough and the courtyard
is a chemical with a french phone

u are from when box #9, u can keep
the fireplace, living means bullets
are upright and the room smells
like this is a cup

i be into your room brain
i can't get neighbors like
little consultants that beat
the hand still with a
dictionary basin

i will be 13 and i will be home
for freak customers; the home
is odd and it must squeak with
sleeping breath

u duke an oxygen cleanser
till you're not u anymore
u are afraid to get old
and always there's

u are pigeons and we are not
there is numbmum, u are
duplications for holiness

she's your negative, your trapped
signature, therapy mice are down
i am your movie and it's just a

it's a date with a rainbow
and a shark sun; you're
the not choice, u

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