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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

my printer is the town skank

my printer makes its own decisions
my printer is a town, an insanely
loud bird

catch me if u live in a cow tower
my printer is dirty, my printer
is someone who might get
in trouble in a loft where
it's quiet

i just wait, wait for something, u don't know me

the government, they dig their claws into u
they bite u, they don't understand, i turn around
i wait, i wait for years

all i understand is a bird, i want to cry
my printer is a new mexico bird
don't frack my town

for years my printer is a dirty weird cat
i want to dance but i've had it

my ovary waits for u
my printer is the town

i tell my dreams they're weird
please, don't get to know yourself
my loft is a skank and i am afraid
of smoke

u were fracked dirty and quietly
go bite an authority figure
i am something like a tower

a bird, don't dream about me

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