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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blue Avocado

it's a bible we report in the city of kokomo
kokomo, ask your october light!
october light has me so
she's a tazed joy, good
new yelp rail
pdf, know when to die
go on a fundraising
concede the bill to a happy home and give
the city reaches for give
the beach plans to die
the day sees and lives
one gift for light around curfew
not a difference there is
some can't want words
plus i am humbler
chilling effect, i am leaving
requirement the next day
i don't know how to die
and i don't want a booth
at the alumni magazine
february reaches for october
i am humbled by the name
excuse me but i don't want to tell her to go
something i can't wait to see
lives and transforms a thing
i can't want to lose
i am lisa white with the region fool
u don't know what to see unless
you have transformed a student's
who wants television
we don't have my mind
i don't know when someone is someone
be someone, a gravely injured lost
stories of my mind u find
give a blue avocado
tumbled via e-mail
this is meaning
the day is done and this is hard

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