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Thursday, October 01, 2015

california is a thing in your emo machine

words like it when the moon listens

all night i'm not sure if i'm a hippie

visions of grunge

someone is chasing your teeth

i am a digital jack nicholson

why are u a feather?

why are u a text?

u promised words

what u are, a bookmark

blood sugar

i dread your poetry

u murdered my nightmare with your la la la

u think your spine is swollen

sounds fling dances on your lips

your chard is fine and any kind of duh

god has gout

delusional pdf goo

i don't want your breath

i don't want to come home

u were an accident

i fled your song with a painted panda

the moon barbecued a smart ass

california is a thing in your emo machine

when u are with me, women strum

a president with no eyes

love and seizures

he can't bird or soften a dog

my tv doesn't care

my tv has a dilemma

vertical toddlers search for the rain

the rainbow went jogging

read this carefully

i give u birds and it was never easy

the sentence cracks and u are a trail of sabrina

text=text so paint your sand here

your unit is at the center of reasons for yellow words

your output is almost stupid

how are u doing with your output?

i am not from here

all words are in the canoe

u cough blind clouds

the 1960's has new tv

what i would do with a cookie

click here for a poem, i can't open the gravy

she's what's in your throat

my dog is on the moon

the world is homeless

my shorts are pretty and i don't need your prayers

i want to be like u and rotate your pong

my website is also a freak

don't tell the dog about our hands

what u need is a heart

i shave pancakes when u are tall

city of bird thump

collars of america say goodbye to your dream

now u want the great whatever

fruit loops in your t-shirt mind

u dream god worries about the dog

this is housing for christ

robert duvall dreams your eye is a circus

touch my itunes library and face my highway

when u are an airhead the ocean is platonic in a vial

we are killing the moon and nailing the bacon

i'm pretty but i can't help u

maybe i need space

i have so much stupid love

i am what u lost when your doggie is raw

god is in your itunes music library

no one is broken and screaming at your dream

i can take this and don't take that

so crank it up loud

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