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Monday, August 01, 2016

GoFundMe - Dashboard

GoFundMe - Dashboard

i like it here but maybe it's not meant to be. city of arcata, $40 parking ticket. stayed over 2 hours waiting for my next rental. was very excited about my new rental cleaned with eco cleaners but there was scented toilet paper that almost made me pass out and once i started searching i had to put a lot of stuff in bags in a shed. arcata seems to have musty houses.

so, it's mixed but it's private and close to everything. the students are back so that means i missed the opportunity to find housing before they got here. not good. i don't think i go the mobile home i applied for. may have to venture out, probably as soon as i get medi-cal and a doctor here. 3 hours of windy roads in any direction. not my forte. i may have to fly elsewhere if i get an offer of subsidized housing elsewhere. i only have this place for a week.

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