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Saturday, December 10, 2016

THE LAST PARADE (for spencer) digital art by spencer selby

i am worse inside than the last parade
i am not documentation
i am a mistake

anxiety bladder, he actually takes my world
u are down a shadow; winter breaks bullshit
my fear is amazing to itself, since itself

i.r.a. hell kitchen; i snapped at 8 am
this couldn’t sleep, remember
be my sleep

another book end or traditions
i am fucking ahead of all the

4 insomniacs were overdramatic
man, even my twilight is a catastrophe

the colonoscopy was scared
baby clinic, shrink sleep
all art is ovarian cannabis

my shitty potential escapes
i terminally fear your money
shadow blood, to hell with this

your face across fucking parallels
unforbidden pleasures against
your face

abdominal woman, the kind
that don’t get out of bed
sounds voluntary

i will die counting everything
fear spreads the world between
my sauna system

fanatical hate has nothing

my diary sleeps at the fear clinic
my rational juicer is overreacting
church stress

a drug greater than a drug
pelvic death charts inspiring
the town

i am failure, dying of ideas
breast wimp, ukraine science
i am objectively happy

chateau faith, overdramatic antihistamines
the church library kills, the magnesium worried
radiation glimmer

generic ham, know your soup likes the system
the x-rays were crazy, i’m done with way anymore
big bad wednesday

i’m just not the future.

donna kuhn (cut-up email correspondence)

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