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Sunday, October 30, 2005



friendly words to honor by, such as sally
sirree siree after yes or no, sit up syrup
without sis in her sitz bath

six sex one more sister has a six-pack
revolver nun, intuitive power of the wife
60 thru 69 rolls uphill

a stone which always rolled down again
how much space it occupies
bird dimensions, the judge

take a seat, sit in, on, sit up, sit erect
to attend paper and cloth
judgement lightly on him

to fill, stiffen, glaze with size
going to be, to become suddenly alert
india sizzles, jesus skates down the street

leave voluntarily, skedaddle sitting duck
dried up the hard circumstances
against the current of a stream

immediate action uptown
organs that secrete mountains
cities serve hot coffee

like a bear specialist
smooth patches of housing
clearance and construction

we hedgehog, boy
the blood is a toxic
and established practice

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