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Friday, October 21, 2005


jesus lives in australia and he is breathing or a stepladder
love stings back in your former firm things

jesus loves to burn around and divorce the cholesterol abyss steroid
someone goes in and around and dont mind if i splash in your star

in your stowed foot, so shakespeare says realistic love is in your hand
and its diverse but how i say if love stings, their hands are in berlin

if love is a dog, an electric weird troublemaker sock
the pool is a troubadour; jesus is in australia with his scallions

without fingers in the sun; go dark ugly lizards i say
eyes without a dog in the paint, the pancake people burn jesus' fingers

in the annoying fog, love found your clothes and architectural pancakes
an ionosphere is moderately funnel-shaped and righteous

strange literary work, their circle is disturbing
christ acts like he's destitute and she disappears

with your goose legend and the mountains are an institute
she disappears cringing in my head like red berries

the thought in my head is still an institute for unfeeling mountains
she's pinching an ion goose, in your eyes she likes fabric

your goose legend speaks like a houseguest and harrases you
sexually, u act like a face in the ionospheres' hot goose legend

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