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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fed With A Heart


to irritate a flowing gown, the edge of a robot
circular device resembling mans rind
sound of rock; a circus performance bites into space

curl firecracker rink, smooth area for rodent mammal
skating such as a rat, to wash lightly at the rodeo
public cowboy skills, a dishonest ripple

to form small person waves, take the come active, appear
a religious act loves a love affair with a head for joining
a roommate, one whose mental pants shares a room

to wander roomy, spacious rooster, the male of roar
to howl the domestic chicken which is below the earth
parch foundation, the cord of someones posessions

a womans long series of prayers, the trash was plump
a cosmetic for ruby, to regret and have sleep
from person bursting or breaking another

who spreads malicious country life
cruel run-around, evasive rx
to be leaping the mouth joke around

a homless weight, child, a whole contradict
range of anything, male goose moving on foot
a festive criminal gang, sea bird galaxy

to open stars mouth wide, meteor of elongated fish
a wreath of gallop, horse gait flowers
a military gamble, hold a stocking in place

for the policemens gas gene
the general practitioner gasped
long glove genie, the genitals gawk

sexual organs stare stupidly, genius is gay
merry intellectual ability, man of radiation
down on one knee, a game be calm bird

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