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Monday, October 31, 2005

Neon Face


200 bagpipes at the trial of a banana
i need to guard my room
to lure musicians

with cardboard drawers of art
im with my remaining gangster
on the balcony

a cloud records an american lizard

a barracuda is annoying, i cover my mouth
im new to online dating

would u like grandpa active?
lucid lizards of cardboard
praise the fog

hothouse lodging is a place for a heat sandal hostage

his policy in cardboard country was emotional
realistic lizards are without a dog to involve god

the manager of the coffeehouse is housebroken

the center of nagasaki is corrosive lodging
that phones part of the eye, u tell me

she guarantees the banal floor dreamt of u
a yellow boat, a basement of prisoners
a building is quiet

with a grain to smash fish with basil, get out
theres too many people, a tropical room
in a cloud

the sun was bald and lacking housing

i wondered whose head was a fish sun
u were, its annoying with ballads
who u were, a story

im clearly loved, housebroken or plastic

nagasaki takes, its better than nagasaki do that
paper lodging, he lives a story that roars home

nagasaki is a place he lives, i explain to a shack

as a result, be thoughtless to burn inconspicuous
the awesome incipient with 200 lizards
with surgical incontinence

the imposter incited, the action bothered
based on facts steadily and hard
like writing the self

u show up as the assistant manager of infinite failure of the sun by choice

invulnerable in what manner
he lives a story
not a praise to god

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