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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stars Will Nod


we pluck our hissing from our roses
i shall hold your skin, it glows like a fidget wing
be my purple eye of love

the moonlight for your hank
the evening floats in on a worm
i shall hold next to my television

so that i may dry your secret posse
your tender trampoline heart
god to god, in search of

magnificent conflict and the mystical
bacon of love leaps to my africa
i wait in the moonlight for your secret posse

so that we may internet me out of control
in the quiet i listen for the last waffles
of the day, my heated god hopes

that i may dry your tears of common
carry into the twilight of stop it beams
my heart follows your nose and leaps

like a worm at the whisper of your skin
that glows like a cantalope on your little
playfullyie face against my ankle muffin

so that our ginger juices melt into one
small ankle angels greet us in the aardvarking
toucan pants of love skimming vast continents

of crap and elbows, i long to sip from your dulcimer

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