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Saturday, November 05, 2005



you're swedish and u sweep because u come wife go
your stereo is crowded, too late before my illuminated
utensils how i'm moody from the sky

pull back improvisational light
all she is for sun's light

how moody from the sky

my son u went to the sky
went up to the sky

i am 200 mammals
i released the balloon

do u give utensils out
i am 200 to pull back
the suns light

is a mammal a wife

too late the sun's light is my light
pull back a wife's emotions

live with my light
to pull back the suns

how impossible, his policy is up to the sky

are we nagasaki, where
u go back, i am 200 countries
u steal because u care

nagasaki because u care
i am 200 i am 200

all she is the improvisational light
your wife pull back to give his
balloon light

cardboard illuminated sun emotions
do u love her, what is his policy
are we downtown

come live with me, awesome hostage

light her policies, would u?
awesome hostage string

where are the crowded countries
u steal my abnormal lizards

would u steal my stereo

u went up to the sky
u went up to the sky

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