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Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Not a Worse Country

loquacious talky

a solution made by boiling corporations
any group of criminals organized for some
an organization selling arrangements of things

a word pronounced in a telephone exchange
left-handed voice, an american tree with the
sameness of feeling

flattering people with wealth or pity
idle or a stringed instrument
used american songbirds

one who jingles metal discs in the rim
spreads scandals by shaking, hitting
a wild state or money

docile power, a person with a talent to tame
to consult a scottish cap, to confess or
inform on someone round

by talking, to pack or pound
talk to a seaport, answer impertinently
meddle with a great deal of loquacious talky

recorded cotton for use on a phonograph
by the blind wound to stop bleeding
a color is higher in stature than the average suntan

the cry of a hunter on sighting a tangelo
the body of early grapefruit
religious law to touch

touching the claw of a bird of prey
but not intersecting it.

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