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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Coconut Head


look mammal, a motto; your eyes at the diner
are snow, skylight wife, fresh wife, barbed to be
get light, a total view of mammals
she is skylight eyeball, she is cloth mammal

its hard to laugh like an extraneous eyeopener
swallow her mammal there, swallow rare
improvisational be there, fence that mammal skin
go soak your open motto a moody laugh

its hard to stop a mammal
express your moody utensil
she is sweat firsthand
barbed wire of wife skin

light extrovert who has seen u
and can testify to it
one gets her a light rain
here an improvisational

there an improvisational
rare improvisation
swallow your wife
sky wire her light and muscle

she is skylight to be
your stereo says be there
say a meal of illumination
your stereo pulls under the snow

balloon emotions steal the sun's cardboard
look, mammal express, moody utensil

cardboard snow, she looks like a motto

your eyes at the diner are watching barbed meal
50 eyes speak, scorn over snow, skylight wife

get improvisational with fresh skylight

she is skylight to be, get light
a total view of jobs for mammals

an eyeful of jobs get mammals

she is skylight eyeball
she is cloth mammal

in residential area, barbed wire exurbia

she is the english alphabet
its hard to laugh and sweat firsthand

swallow rain, high spirits firsthand

barbed wire extraneous eyeopener
that fences, that laughs from without

lenses of wife skin, light extrovert

i couldn't speak to your improvisational eyesight
objects laugh like eyewitness skin in a 50's diner

who has seen u come over clear fence

one gets a smorgasboard and can testify to it
one gets a smorgasboard of hot taut skin

swallow her, mammal her light rain

here improvisational, there an improvisational
swallow rare improvisational be there

fence that improvisation, swallow her

sky wire her light, mammal her skin
for u, folds of skin and muscle

open and close over a skylight

jobs get mammals, jobs get light
she is barbed wire, she is skylight to be

its hard to rain; it's hard to be there

we were skin up, mammal her sky
swallow the rain, swallow needles

a man who couldn't stop her; she is skylight

your stereo is something
couldn't stop her frozen crowd

got skin? i say be there; is this one of your jobs?

go soak your open motto, i say meal of illumination
a 50's diner laughs a moody laugh

it's hard to stop a smorgasboard

your stereo pulls under snow
im a moody mammal

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