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Monday, November 07, 2005

Interviewed by Adam Fieled of PFS Post



don't tricks mingle when your head is rampant in the dirt
laptop food paints an eye salad sky, an impure halo
youre enough, dad; his seminar lasers like laptop food

paint on an eye, your head is rampant in the impure sky
the ogres sang out in the dirt, the sky is enough
hear the sun, dad; im in the sun

hear the rampant night, the flowers are short
the president is sibling food, the impure sky
is in the distance; the dirt seminar is green champagne

the dirt seminar is earth food; green champane is laptop food
the ogres were pale and sang out in their writing bonnets
reverberation, im the earth girl; escorts like changing his bonnets

your eye trembles in halos of there
the food feels hills of a prison, girl
im in the hills, wing birds my feel

the sun trembles, i dont
mingle like an eye distance lab
vaganova is rampant, dad's enough

your dialogue again, dancers paint
the sun mingles; dad extends the sun
the sun trembles like it's on your head

the ogres pale reverberation escorts
the sun trembles and your tricks sang out
the flowers in the distance

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