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Monday, November 21, 2005

"Ghost Falls"


a man who is the sound of cherries, uncivilized potatoes
a rude wilderness, what shrill droop
wholesale wincing furnish
with evil window

the windows season

to form a winter, to pass for something soft
not married again or a woodpecker
bird wisdom

a workhouse against anyone
eager of the uterus
a man of worth, daystream

thunder is leaky, utter with
dear thunder

gymnast being sudden and awful
the week so far

consequently wood is suitable
an organ of the tedious organ
of superhuman speech

poem tongue, dignity of an animal
voluntary snow, caucasians are mischievous
having a beverage in the
coldest winters

learning a forest, improper lumber
guided by workshop, ideas worry
perceptive teeth

anxiety frets, from a lunar tight money
thunder tights, the legs accompanying horseback
combatants tilt at each other
popes triple crown
a toe also suffers

to toes
liberty or go on tiptoe
the day mouth
the chief organ of enormous taste
a clapper
coming night, drinking in the
tooth of

donna kuhn

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