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Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Mass of Fool"


a dog is golden with its digging to china by our sex life
a dog is a fat cat with commitment
a dog is written by jennifer

the wild wolf is taking off
a dog is perfect good for u
we have a dog

a dog is a shirt
my dog is more punk
than your dog

a dog is your friend on april 15th
a dog has overweight obesity
dog thing, the dog is fat

the dog is a dead veterinarian
a dog is able to fly
a dog has time constraints

a dog is sailing to australia on a bad hair day

a dog is an extremely sensitive pioneer
a dog remains independent and is amazed for life

a dog is of the genre
a dog is really saying and living
wild wolf pilot

a dog is by simon
a dog is taking off
a dog is, what's your excuse?

a dog is a put down
a dog is coughing
a dog is so happy
to see your wallet

dog straw, dog is dehydrated
dog is not lemon
dog is crazy

dog is spoiled rotten
dog is a humanist
dog is back

dog penny, dog is eating a bad color
research freshly bathed
what should i do when he's my hero

dog answer, dog is dead
the wild teacher notes grades
dog is the ears, dog is toy

dog is hip, never mind
dog is bored, trying to tell u
dog is a dog is dog

dog is 25%
irelands interactive self
dog is 9, he has no pockets

wild wolf and the domestic on trial
the court is limping
dog is thirsty

dog is simple game
from the old put down
ready for one

donna kuhn 2005

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