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Friday, November 18, 2005



small bells riding chauvinistic advocacy affairs
formerly in the orient, brief change of jinx
in this book for couples with toilet jitters

an unknown persons job is a piece of work
meat marijuana cigarettes to cut horses
in a thing, enjoyable astrological coaxing

to make planets influence an onlooker of tomatoes

a tea kettle ends, piano habit, intoxicating map
an island campaign, a typewriter that can be kicked
in the keyhole, basic note goat, skin of an idea

kidnap speech with holes, official trivial matters
turn off the kibbutz boots, leisure rings of the knees
a project noticed apart, a nervous feeling

fidgets with englishmen, jive is foolish, johnson
a writer with the bones still in it
races full of fun

collective farm sauce, the money so returned
support a private nightclub, kick young
musical scale, the basic goat machine

cambodias engine killing an animal in

donna kuhn 2005

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