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Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Pimento" (image from 2006 calendar)

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these words when she jumps into a storm
spotlight crazed lunch, she is frenzied
broken wings

u only want to rain pour much
slap her down with the same mistakes
silence falls in the room like a dead quiver

u are a weak advertisement
u dont know what acid rain is
i watch it from no birds, a darkened corner

god is having an identity crisis
my heart and soul is a troublemaker
your body is raging inside for office work

bella, see how strong we are
your dream is accepting dog 1 moronic
rational urban adult out of control

he is not in a decent life yes
im a good little collecting that puppy dog
protein moronic burning on fire and eyes

good luck, i am very frustrated
good luck with 1,000 sirens in my neck
good luck last night

donna kuhn

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