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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



green buffoon linen, involuntary leaf
captain of the meadow, your linen boys in play
green enthusiasm, bigot ablaze

your hand is a sound i cant bear

dilly wave waved in 20 wax works
wild horses excreted by excellent laundry

im not in harrys three feet of waste

apprehensive saliva
im not in the half and half with 20 vacuumed suns

the sun, the moon and the occupancy

excellent abortion
a musical argument, 3 feats

the water was employed and apprehensive
undulating powerlessness excreted by bees
or in the ear of any operator to become a trustee
a nominee of wax work

im 20 headbands, im dilly fashion
demure in vacuumed light
in a short fit of profession

u cant move wild horses
green dulcimer lke a headband bigot operator

because they took out your eye, u are a bluish trustee

im a short fit of excellent laundry
u cant move bees
the linen of your eye is rude waste

the horses are rude
they cant move by enthusiasm
the moon is bluish
the meadow is sensible

a wild mirror is sleeping in bluish abandonment

harry wasted the weather
spider whiskey, chaste intent

an empty space is rude
a supporter of disregard
warm tender vacuum cleaner, carpet mock

imitate means of suction
the art is obvious
horses cant move your eye carpet

the moon is a spider
your co-workers are on time with their separated flesh
your co-workers are captains of the meadow
they have pretzels and dogs and greenish enthusiasm

move your eye out of the sink
your hand is sleeping in the meadow
sink the moon with your face

your hand is stuck-on
i cant bear sleeping in your bones

red meadow when the corn mirror sinks the moon

your face moves my car
my corn costs $250
bananas are red and sleep in the sink
the sink is a red meadow

the corn is sensible
bones are wild and they sink the moon
horse trustee, it feels like youre sleeping

the moon is captain of your flesh
because they took my corn trustee out of your eye
your hand is bluish white

donna kuhn 2005

1 comment:

Phanero Noemikon said...

sweet.. this poemn made my day..

headband bigot operator..


excelleentx madness..