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Sunday, December 18, 2005



so u punished a zebra and u wandered in your stupid mueseli
that bird keeps with his art, with his arms, the sun, blood
and i approve of words

hitler feels it the way a zebra feels the sea is stupid

dial the night i dreamt boxes of a private place and youre no human moon
because the dulcimer was ripped like a pretzel because u run with the moon

i cant wait for your animal dulcimers
i cant wait for your inflatable stairs

i say brain scale, honey; honey im a scale
the moon in a box on my head, i feel not like a building

feel it in your lion
i have mirrors of bird dreams
get sultry with your words in the cell phone
get private for them

the lions are someones dreams and boxes are down in your night
the wasteland was beautiful, i dreamt u were no lion night

i dreamt u were spaghetti

donna kuhn 2005

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