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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Alligator Flute


stroke or pat peru
your sled is a white philosopy
the 21st letter of our child

a dog is sailing on a destructive rat
to stroke or be prevalent
drain your time restraints

the dog is an orchestra that catches insects in a love petal

your sled is crazy, what's your sled in bibliical times
drain your sled in a shallow bowl
pet peeve cough

your time restraints are wise
the dog is our child, the dog is fat
just having a dog is a limping dog

over a vein lightly in a man
pet peeve to cough, to bear
dangerous pose, hard to sweat

a particular religious belief
saucy plague to see ice queen
dog is a shallow bowl

calmness in love affairs
flight macedonian king country
the dog is crazy

what's your radiator stubbornly
peter perverted peter phases out
linguistic bird of a verbal attack

the dog is just having the dog, saying not a wig spread
or pat america gently, the philistine is a jealous dog
is clean, it doesnt mean that your coughing dog is an orcehstra

he catches insects in philadlephia
inflammation of said postage stamps
claustrophobic harmony, such an inspiration

your coughing dog is too fast
the dog is a verbal attack
to show a thing perverted

something weighed and it doesnt mean
that the 21st letter of a toy
the 21st letter of a shallow bowl

the end of an orchestra catches insects
in a man's phlegm, apathy man
apathy man a dog is six excuses

a dog is ireland's interactive dog
the 21st letter of a verbal attack
your radiator is stubbornly

a dog is really saying not to you
a dog is the dog is saying
not a particular religious belief

saucy plague to see ice queen dog is jealous
because the ears of a phlianderer to stroke
or pat peru, the dog is super.

donna kuhn 2005

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