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Wednesday, December 07, 2005



evergreens evaporate and last forever
forever often, occasionally
harmful part of the night
dials the afternoon

evenings by any open hand slipper
flimsy vicious population
profit stag
a little grain greet

accost a grape tropical with groteesque sand
lawns of the other wipe your homage

show the teeth of stale evolution
cinammon stain
prolonged activity of spinach
coffee mingled gospel

dull people with minced meat
dials the talent of a visible dance band

ever so very, every so question

do u ever see her again

bondage is gradual
church grief
free coffee

mingled nose and dont acknowledge god

having a fever holocaust
expectation of getting what is

the slaves are sluggish
preach the open hand slipper
buy the bees cells of wax

donna kuhn 2005

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