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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pink Cat Looks Right


real grooving and hero illness

the forest is fine in your nose club area
monster is green, plants flow
cairo fascination makes loss span

body and or speech speechless

verdure, supposed immediate presents some together

youre eagle, vowel pit groom
sperm physics controlling gripping
green struggle, grinds fit

red by difficult, near irresistable
power of a grinning riddle

wasteful caves, death grime
very itself sandwich
with disaster
is a writer

shock speedboat, gremlin vegetables
immature suffering
growing part spider

grew skin, grinning thing
teeth a grief intense
animal spewed grind rub

tend to graze a severe
green pepper part lion

in green-eyed with imagined scallion
vague winged routine

donna kuhn

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