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Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Hour


the city of tinkerbell tones down the city horrors with the red lions
the city is upright with upright lions
the lions are green-based

a white curtain is examining an apple
give things to the animal with green-based horrors

the city is upright; upright things collapse
i'll be balanced against lions

the hotel is back; give her back her lions
tinkerbell threw a rock at my head once

the lion knows blond people are examining an apple

she cant done down an animal with equal choke
then she's a piece of her lions

give her back her dexedrine
tinkerbell rocks my head once, youre in

she's a horror, she's red lions
the lion is an apple
she starts the city

a teenage baby teenager
the lion is like very big now

the hotel is back now, give her my head

she's a piece of green-based tinkerbell
she's living, yes

the city will be balanced against lions

give the kid back her dexedrine

tinkerbell rocks

Donna Kuhn 2005

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