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Tuesday, December 27, 2005



miss, she's singing inkjet insect
rather roar salted turn twang
walking choke chunk

google zen, your beyond bird
ohio says new onions word u

talk where tracks drink girl

everything noodles the otters, johanna
gods inside confusion
dream pimento box irregular

angel sing some bird his cover
blooms machine trains
mint night become wild

wild the leopard symphony
plaid corn, costly penguin

beautiful planet come behind goose jobs
shaving up vigorous voodoo

his his hissing stays

keeping five flowers great

wyoming takes bonnets, hat ham
dog felt food getting emotional

no nonsensical experiments pleasing antlered earth

east flick chick held my nagasaki oboe

transmitting butter thigh
whatever, another snow dancer, dogman
drape your seagulls, she's singing skill
move the clew land

arrogant smog revenge
watermelon nerd music

im in jesus torquoise love snake

im intense intensive raked random
saturday his such only
organize there windows
selfish eye cranberry

white credo sleeping in teeth
get her chinese coins

swallow tennis meteor
porcupine potholder e-mail
scaffold meat mountains

fabulous astronats burning
zebra enemy singing sirens, sister cluck

dial digital cartoon cats

dripping winter with without why
moon ink jakes u say

glaze fused voices in cake work

his hot number out

paint torn to words after landscapes

this stranded spleen turnip
penguin surreal therefore wings cities poor

donna kuhn 2005

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