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Friday, December 23, 2005

They Are Acting


a charming wiseacre monarch wished he was cool
a race regretted its state wing
destroy the radical tournament

your regimen had a cold
a customer is a refuge of eyelids
wisconsin is a winking coat

trees were your boat regions
or a race, signals, the grain king
your marriage was fresh and regenerated

its withers, go military
a terrier with a capable beg
a relief calls the control trio

wingless nuisance lost blood again
regular twinkle, which is best
binding with relative deer

spiritually he was alot of things
space was domesticated and sneezed
the muscle beast had a mouth to hunger

who supplied the crew killer
i open a series of bone scatter
recreational reindeer prophet

winter slips u burden
party with the young
renovate the well

a person plans to go with impulse telegraph
a body theory softens, close the motion deer teeth
conceited register, indecisive thing

blue reindeer faint, bring me a ray shifts
pair to land, a less telephony boat
the back of the thing releases cry light

with range at the referred register
ok, wiry a wink, the wink madison
a killing a bird, something loosens the verb

reborn when off, something again withers
found a way to remark to myself
clusters matter for conservatives

ride the flowers under the horses

donna kuhn 2005

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