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Saturday, December 24, 2005



the maidenhood was a in a fruit bubble, nagasaki worried
your sock told u winter was real
your leg was angry and slender
your cry was fleecy
the candle was parasitic
naomi emptied her assertion
she's a boullion on a letter
burning at he botulism store
a country of adult socks stepped into the music
who blows your indoor recording
keep the motion up
what of your legislative absence?
your parasite of baby light?
the native cactus in your air bulb
another winter booth reason
sucking a turnip for a bridesmaid
light back the enemy
whats in your tumbling shoe
the enemy is flounder and corn
whats interesting about love?
maidenhood hands in the doctrine bomb
adult pity in a shoe of worry
blow out your margaret bug
flatfoot father lacked a wolf
picture the barn all chewy
call the occupation concerned music developer
hold your fish suddenly
the dog was in a complete bubble
verbs were in love
this is not your lizard river
she needed the branches real

donna kuhn 2005

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