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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



i have ached my experimental wings
in the plaid barn, u ride selfish and cold

a green-based evening was arrogant
youre the flesh recording garden eye sink

the nagasaki meteor seen everything
in your lit absence, hissing against three parties
go red friday, a verb cant at 4:40

blue like an apple reborn, the blog fused out
never face the page the dilly coasts
in hotel singing in december

by and again a meadow factory
heads the media upright
the office regretted sucking

search your stepped wiseacre
gods meadows vacuumed the customer
behind trees, beg porcupine turnip

u the dexedrine behavior
your machine is in the smog sun
i sink reasons myself, trustee things

im a computer hand at 8:48
i offer the collapse
its the horses wolf

skeleton king visits
a rub-on bluish bridesmaid
she's the bigot word waste

why she stays 2005 bird
your fabulous december
madison mystic visit jesus

your hat is intent and demure and ironed now
the horses have maze jitters
they choice the flounders stars

the rent is a singing weather headband imitating a penguin
the eye, the mirror, the intensive blond
dog of hunger salted the empty orange poolhouse ham

now renovate your burning indecisive meadow blood blue
without your sunset bees u cant head operator green bubble
i revenge poasted corn, choke on meadow bones

red winter with sleeping bird spiderweb
you rain a winter when the the drape hurt
dont vacuum my voodoo content

in your couch u wink your fruit things
snow a hotel, move your sisters
indoor eyelid race

snow carpet, turn occupation rude
swallow the flag drink, his rocks are charming
wild cluck bees binding my apple job

buffoon the light socks, im out worry sky
very spider potholder, telephony on candle
lizard signals, wisconsin ached here

tuesday corn your recreational arm
twang dental a city, hot horse fish
chewy corn music

your relatives are linen and they shift
she's a thing in the bee deer symphony
im green, bring me my ear

shaving your wild saliva, regenerated eye
yor shoe of happy co-workers
she's an oboe beast dancer

youre the bomb, lions like a red eye argument
cool words wax u, light mine, plan your teeth enthusiasm
goose her plastic comments

stare sea spider harry, subscribe to whatever
cry like a developer, digital comments
flick your botulism

death boullion, horrors and ladle reviews in your head
what things branch and sleep otters
snow pin wax to tinkerbell

inkjet time for captain of tender
you looked like a curtain job with domain pizazz
your burden be your abandonment

your green-based cranberry regions
lions organize your comments here
view the parasite, hear the thieves

oneonta softens, sock corn thigh
sculpture meat, 11:31, cant johanna excrete ohio
conceited ray dribble

digital dulcimer, apprehensive december
pimento moon in your green-based hand
your eye is not big in the torn sea

donna kuhn 2005

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Hi #NAME#. Just found your site via magazines. Although I was looking for magazines I was glad i came upon your site. Thanks for the read!