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Thursday, January 12, 2006



shampoo understands when u complain about the pudding rent
the orange causcasian wind; oh u, u date mood horse death
skin shows u the most notation deece band

orange pudding, orange dude trees
orange blind purple at 5:55 pm

burn your mouth with orange hair
many stories and customers

you always wouldnt cry the way causcasian coffee is an airline brain
your handbag home, u baby of lip

so i told lazily run with the tv
hell your orange bone skin
your coffee ankle chip house
software in cinderella skin bones
orange be dinner
displayed if you like

porno guide bently looks and gestures
grandma with the burnt armpit spine
the pudding mouth seas

youre a pioneer, your shampoo is crying websites

the job market lays down
the winter swastika mouth meat
turn the rain, elvina, turn home

nancy likes the bees and the toy shotgun bereavement
u like serpentine of curl, metastock 9 0 a dog
filled tears for system airconditioner lake

american wedding album grin
blue like a net of watching the details

skin bees trying your raccoon nickelodeon.com muscled shrine
the hate reports are in kuwait already , shampoo cookie
union coffee, skin bulging all over
player pneumatic with blue, blue

so speak flashly your benign betrayal
they are tricky in pain

your enemies dreams after work
my coffee, light entries very similar coffee death

complain coffee weaving rain
indigo? how deep is bulging blind
his purple meticulously skin
bulging causcasian household

skin the world; you have omitted some with coffee already

world! your feet explore and turn back
you might him very politely, me

in order to moon his need bones
mr. relevants results, blue coffee

loves the lyrics
chitty bang bang meat moon
weaving the ice floes

insurance hair pudding
pudding his pudding
purple insurance bones crying

need the tv bees love up snow

donna kuhn 2005

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