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Monday, January 23, 2006

It's a Canister Thing


your secret head things release
your strawberry was made of chorus girls
strawberry scott was startled by the strange years

my girls are things in your boaters
couplets, trees, my lady paperback currently
no cage of bohemia dreams in your small head bran

my lady sprays the campus meat flowers
no cage holds it, claw my silver sea
claw my plucky little animals

predators drink the fire
pill of bohemia dreams in blue
break your small bean and communicate

donald flies like a sudden dash
seethe like a salmon coat
donald flies like a chorus

give your boaters the fire
give your boaters the snow
plan the campus flowers

strangest things release
the campus flowers stay unaware
zebra fish in blue seen my mountains

stop the secret head things she uncovers
seethe like a chorus girl

take my silver and stop the american

experience my mountains deeply
seethe like a salmon coat
really had errands

nightgown things release
the salmon flower sprays the strangest things
strawberry scott is startled by the fire

lady salmon, they can take my plucky little animals
predators drink my silver sea skirts
my plucky little animal predators

drink the weather boast
take my human eyes
chorus girls are coarse and unaware

give your american body
chorus above this world
experience my silver sea skirts

donna kuhn 2005

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