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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Artist as Baby


god she jumps into a box of papaya
god she jumps into fire
and wings u opened up

god she jumps into a wet urban adult
opened up danny x punk so
a tragedy dog

is that meat her chinese film
see how innocent a funeral moon
a funeral drowning birds

dictator foo not an identity crisis
paper branches see into my room
tight branches see into my watercress dark growls

find the winter of quiver panther
delivers newspapers down an ocean
learning canadian birds bog yang fields

bella in opened fields
quiver panther film in the winter
of head and neck

sleep in tight energy
was a funeral moon a tragedy dog
i like that meat her energy wet

your brain compiled to work bella in the winter of quiver
punk funeral drowning ice in your eyes
dictator meat her energy

i like to see into fire and forage in tight dancer x punk
to see paper mache im not an ocean
punk to get down

an identity crisis my room is in the weather
wet urban dog 1 moronic with the constructions
of drowning ice breath

dark hair is having to work bella
im not in your place punk to that foo fighters
have soul of goat with collect that puppy instead

olfactory dance birds eat something olfactory dance birds
bog yang fields, hand dishwasher sirens
foo fighters have canadian beer

sleep my watercress hair
soul of dictator meat her tv foo fighters
have the dark birds sleep

having to get down an ocean, punk deliver your white car growls
dictator meat her tv foo fighters papaya hand
my brain is compiled to work bella

see the disjointed predominantly your white invalids your brain compiled
and wings u are only the tv show, a work bella
god she jumps into my hand

see how innocent a box papaya expression
having to work bella in opened fields
u are hostile energy in a funeral moon

a funeral of drowning birds sleep church so glad
how a church quiver my hand
the spartans watercress, dark hair is

donna kuhn 2005

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