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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



stan, carp your inconsequential dinosaur
get the ocean to pluto up
donate your chin

your icelandic xeroxed fireproof gothic theory of the year
u have my parasite; go need your ability to be an angel

your brainstem donkey flirts with a switchblade
maori sank the apothecary, i ordered a botanist
speak it through your plow money

naomi's nuclear gunmen napkin swaying in dialysis
when youre jumpy and moot, your boiled dinosaur tries
the service staion; u hunt your raw mongoose corn
beaming beehive mistrust

angel ploughs your eyepiece,
get a birthday in your mountainous keel

fixate on your moorings
sinister indignation deteriorating
u in your whack womb

yo you cackle haphazardly
bondage therapist neckties
samaritan grimace bib

lacrosse was a breathless leftover
the formica was whirling and adhered to your napkin
im inside the money with light underflow

youre nuclear in ocean oncology
othello donates his downcast face
thirteen stale jellyfish

order a skyscraper and a mountain
thief, mistrust your gunmen
blurted seagull routine

donna kuhn 2005

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