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Monday, February 06, 2006

Make all the Use of Me


im a regimen lying in my axel egghead license
ozark aims at the gulf, wit jabs in your yarn camp
void hymn, apparent woos, adherent mao diner

harpy corporation afterimage
loudest moon rows
blows koreas sleek bandying

be narcotic in your vote boxes
skew landlord frost signs
i see u pout, a jam tube alumnus

undress the plum homemaker
your car, my relaxation
pay for your stifle, yeah; interact

mama pukes stylishly and cowardly
mug tent just hops and squints
ditty crush aspires to molest a kite

bulgarian flight leaf
the tar says bye and nods
at the blurb poll

funk aches hogging the award
fuzzy yea jelly paralyzed
chum pluck weds dollars

donna kuhn 2006

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