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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Edit Her (Altered Book)


the regions of the moon are very because
they sail in the pig that does not fall
moon silica for such confusion

more thoughtless paper
gulls of the sea

the glass of the decree
stop falling backwards

your inflamed month
the lyric is a firm body
your internal song maize

feel the war drop
u exaggerate and ignore
the glass girls

excess around the moon

rent the desert
i am a product
that whispers in a book

clouds of the putrid desert

the baby sleeps outside you
ignore the baby
lead by the word

sail for the head inside your faith
the clouds lyrically, the long
boulevard of the book belongs to it

a bird is being a public relations load
it does not belong to one
this vapor who opens the bird

the main thing is to arrive
those the war first holds
too much very much

god of darkness
the bird is inside

u are inside the book it opens
a useless heart is capable
of rinsing the moon

it starts the war insignificantly
u want the book too much

sleep in the fire u belong inside

a glass apology takes months
arrest the useless heat
desert in this

donna kuhn 2006

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