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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Someone Else


really, she cant understand u
dont ruin gretel, the cats, the red horses

i cant find the view stripped of your never face
would endure the capsizing sun

a nazi likes to capsize when she's done
anywhere your guitar screamed out

with the higher blossoms
hide the bitter movement of your cats

red horses in somebodys skin
your guitar looks hesitant

hear that healthy chick stuff
hum the crumbs u polarized

u say slide it, gretel; hold the bars on her
paws of the sun growl red snow with something

with meat simmering a dot of romanitc purchases
coma guitar paws hit the chinese goose spit

i wont find the moon march congeals
somebody u taste like, nazi, cats in the face

more planet, step 'em down and down
are u able to deal with that?

anti chick stuff in your face toy
move on, horses do not make their glances heard

are u able, otherwise, do u hear that?
say its never done, your cloud wont blossom

make snow leaves, be your paws, dry daddy
leaving something i would hold

donna kuhn 2006

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