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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some Guy Thinks


justice birds melt the earthlings
your vixen mongoose in the beautiful money corridors

i write your packed phantom
stan sees the perforated toothpaste

because of my meat and my ghost
the earthlings are a unit of stan

in the brain of a curtains goodbye
youre the dance starfishes

xeroxed his chinese whale crowds
i know your aprons and your horse

tired of your nazi jellyfish
lawnchair gothic words of paperwork

loving your stupid clay words
silent raw interior of meatball

underwear ducks are fat in nazi teeth
blubber toads, paper ox

the earthlings went for bronchitis
and your tall pterodactyl

quacked his tooth full of sweet west
virgin arrives with toothpaste vixen

paragraph your xeroxed girdle dog
educational dreamer tooth

goodbye, love the monkeys
youre mine, spook and xeroxed problems

donna kuhn 2006

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