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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spiderman Comes to Life


for the mother with the thing, silk that is entirely outside
the method that is scattered to a square

youre the ploy that stopped the ice-skating of craniology
a piner of the stan appetite, to have been empty

with the toothpaste of the belt under the possibility
a ploy of the turtle of love, that is how u smoke the thing

that is a comic strip, whack the battle boring
youre my whale, the electron of the week

the sound that gives soccer, all the while under the goosebumps
in order to cause vigilance that bubbles and the belt of the mountain

the silk of the foot, toothpaste in paste and the charleston thing
that is small, the small flag that respects theodore

u are the snotty, that it will crack outside, like this and its mine
she is the dud until the season is stimulating it

it exists up to now, the small ow, the green of the onion
will be wide, the green onion in which hush

the belt that it has monopolized

donna kuhn 2006

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