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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Can Turn


seahorse gel, bird processor peel
open the white of your neck frost

he leaves and he thinks its like fallout
did u torn convenience

buttercups, dog dear
to make chinese form the language of crayons

university of dark mind
rags of white skin open

historical moon of word scissors
drink your vixen bom orthographically

a criminal in your cotton teeth
kale scissors call me gladys

editorial pigeon, oyster medicine
feel your meat sticks booed i know

sweet the lake floated, an infantile ache
question the office of the month, it blows

whales fall and they wait in the meat
the whale hears her mouth underneath

that good money, fall the green moon
the president of ohio knows and whispers

the moon is fat where the lakes around
the father of the dog, the lake as an eye

donna kuhn 2006

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