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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home is For


your color red is alive
red he has ignited
the moon in bed with the moon

the rain is crying u felt the rain
your skies but the raven inside you
viola is around the snow

rain blue trees, rain guitar
that youre crying, the ones
the sun orders the dreams dust

the moon forms a red evening
the guitar is dull, the winter
in its death skies

the grain snows black hurricanes
payments of rain in the sea
level it, that sea ink

youre around in the winter sun
dig the massacre, red levels
the moon, its a payment

breaking the rain, the greedy death
shake the skies with red lies
shake the snow in the bare date of winter

the moon struck the trees with an advance date of melon
the moon graves jolt and shaken u here
inflamed rain churns

shattered this baby in red pale winter
or advance sun with payment
soon the moon is on, soon it fell

red spirit of me shake
trees to ignite the moon up
red earth shake the rain

he has skies over skies
i hear your dreams
the red over the moon

will order from the evening, the eyes of one

donna kuhn 2006

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Chris Moonbeams said...

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This is one to watch.

Many thanks,

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