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Friday, March 17, 2006

Narrow Innocence


the dork orders you to behoove and convene, purr skin?
the dork culture is mine, the pony is unbelievable

in empty ink they write and hold their crotch dogs
he sped with his comrades now, the bachelor

has alot of graceful throws, the bachelor is classified
you're my bachelor unbelievable, wuffles to you

he's the skin, the subdivision that must dream it out
what are they writing, music has the hours in order

to write and chew? for me i think he has been
your standard, it behooves you to convene

fly like a dork, it behooves around one, upgrade it
its pretty sweet and subcutaneous, i convene

on my dragon around the skin that has the product
soon it behooves the sweetened wuffles

the young kidskin comes in because pork rind
is red and empty, the moment is not happy

for it undulates, who's put the meat to a time like that
come back, its ripe because he throws up in the music hall

i got to undulate and express; i will try red ink in your hand
he knows your unbelievable wax cream distribution

he can give you in the worry skin enough precautions
hold the fire when he writes in your hands

my fat lambkin is sweet on the wuffles
you are carefully beautiful, decide when

the tooth gives the coast to your tragedy
you're gonna really wax any pony surely

this moment faces, dogs dont music come
the skin is always in meat and it cant sweeten

with care, promote a tragedy, keep your enemy
subcutaneous on the side of its dreams

dont hold your dreams and convene
your archives take the crotch rind treatment

in bed, sweet crotch, he's in your rind

in tragedy, you can call on your comrades
you must have a sweetened brace dog

stop his dream, dagum you, this occupation rolls around
the flames in your hand the writing expressed

donna kuhn 2006

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