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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beds Sleep


the brain is battered, throw the skullcap
the noise is closefitted
its strikes a skunk

its skin is alive, the skies of the sky
slander a cloud
damage the reputation

of anothers blue skies
inclination slangy
sky high celebrity

something is smooth in the palm of the hand
for the song hits the skylights
it limits the maximum negligence

giddy in the sky, norms in skyscraper
i give you um skyscraper
the lull is in limpo

it adorns your slop
i give sluttish return-if
plus youre active here

you slapped your skunk and uttered the skies slop
throw one form spirit, the alternate is smooth thirst

the uma of the slav
dull make a woman
blue from heaven

slander the skin in sluttish skullcap
the ceiling is close-fitted in its sky statement

cloudy flat
lull for maximum negligence
anothers head plus words
giddy satisfier become

the lava is carelessly giddy
in your palm plus your slavic prices

to the skyscraper, of the skyscraper
the slatter cloud, sky

it adorns adorns with brisk fur
the water is alive and blue

satisfy your slop slits layers
party slangy marshall blue skies
sky exploded sky norms skunks

its slangy here

donna kuhn 2006


Anonymous said...

I'm drawn to your work here, having been informed (via critique) that one of my submissions possessed 'echoes of Kuhn', at the forum linked on my name, above. I've read your reviews listed (several times) and would just like you to know that I have come to enjoy these submissions and wish you every success in the future.


Donna Kuhn said...


thanks, i'd be interested in seeing that post. i couldnt find it on the site u link to.