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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TV Drank Instant Birds (altered book)


in the song he is always leaving
winter is black ears and pot holders

ugly city, the wind is inside me
the mitochondrias excessive

indecent curlers wasted on theater
he dances around and knows the city breaks

oh go with you were the wool bird of the house
i have a job sorting ears and potholders

potholders change, the river was not the sun
with its this is money, your dogs were at the airport

jump for the following japanese film
you will be the center

you can't say california didnt wish
the only boy, that is all

the mathematic winter is black
this is the money that wished

your dogs were in the kitchen
jump for the following categories

you will be the center he dances around
go wish you didnt wish los angeles is flapping

donna kuhn 2006

1 comment:

richard lopez said...

excellent poem, donna