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Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Rain


please send god the groan u made. he will like my words.
smooth tranquility, smooth dab of emo. emo is depressed,
right? act like a piece of shoulder. porcelain begins to cry.

do u understand he loved his horse responding
to porcelain just as much as rioting? the ugly boy
is going. shoegazing girl weakened, it sounds
like porcelain tonight. porcelain curving concerned

now apples sound like you're thinking of him. you're this
gift. you are one emo falling platter. words of your hip
horse are clean and healthful.

some horse music concerns your shoulder. it's like
a procelain night and it's all i have. i have the night
of the horse.

bend your voice

i am this chinese platter. horse, get down. her healthy
porcelain is your pain. come be clean. your cold chinese
shoulder was you being china.

he cries, now tear your ceramic
notes to my scream.

will u cool this, china chinese.
it informs a word which guesses
a word.

girls are home. come by. your beautiful
hip apples are outside.

horse, calm down, hear the night.
every little platter is tranquility.
i cry a caterpillar's shoulder.
gift apples, horse heroin.
which porcelain horse.

donna kuhn 2006

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