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Friday, June 09, 2006



god paging god paging god god
just wondering where god is
where the aching trees satisfy their liquid

yellow moon tacked above all the prettiest mess
of this world, ouch, my aching bones
they were happy when they finished

but their backs were aching when chicks carried a tree
picture a tree waving a sign, my heart is aching
two trees is stunning

waiting to be disciplined, aching for your nails
across my skin, when will i crawl on the moon
the scoop on moon dirt, the wind uses sandpaper

sandpaper-like tongue, sudden dark shadows
the moon is quite intriguing, you think u will
know it well, after all

frozen ocean in motion, moon on fire 34 orbits later
was it our sandpaper industry? the disc will take off
for the moon, ghost dogs of the moon lake cheat

donna kuhn 2006

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